Thursday, March 10, 2016

Accommodations, part 2

Our next resting place was The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe. This was a very pretty place, altho still rustic. It was built on many levels and while dining in the main dining room, which was open to the elements and at the highest level, you could see a watering hole not too far in the distance where you might be entertained during dining with animals quenching their thirst.

I only have this one picture of our room which was much bigger that it looks here. We had a nice balcony with great views.

Our last place was the Chobe Marina Lodge in Kasne, Botswana. Our rooms were at ground level and we actually had a suite, with a living room between the two bedrooms.

There's that ubiquitous mosquito netting again. This place had such a fancy way of trussing it up. The bedroom was rather small.

The quite large sitting room made up for the small bedroom. This is only half of the room, the other side had a bar, fridge, table and chairs.

Look at the fiber art over the table. Again, did they know I was coming?

The great view from our patio, complete with warthogs.

So that's about it. I know that when other people went to Africa I was always curious about their accommodations. Some people sleep in luxurious tents, with outdoor showers and privies that need an nighttime escort. Others sleep under the stars. Ours was an interesting mix, although we were always inside. Our rooms were always air conditioned, which was a good thing because we were there during a heat wave where it was well over 100 degrees during the day, but the common areas and dining rooms were always open to the elements with no AC. It worked out just fine.


Linda M said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, love the fiber art. My son used to go to Africa every year, but he was a mountain guide so his accommodations and pictures were nothing like yours.

Somerset Spa Girl said...

This looks very tranquil and idyllic! Thanks for sharing these photos with us.