Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Quilt

Now here's something I haven't made in a long time, but the couple whose magical wedding I attended two years ago is expecting a baby, so Aunt Norma made a quilt.  The baby shower is in Baltimore the weekend before my solo show, so I won't be attending.  That would be three days out of the studio, and I can't afford that time. I'm pretty sure they don't read my blog, so I should be safe.

My niece, the mother of the daddy-to-be sent me photo of the rug in the baby's room, so that's what I went with.

Since we no longer have any quilts shops nearby (there used to be three within a half hour's drive) I had to buy my fabric online. I fell in love with the Dr. Seuss collection and there were a ton of fabrics from which to choose. It is bright, very bright and I hope baby and Mom like it.

 I call this very simple pattern "popcorn quilts" because they are so easy to do, sort of like eating popcorn. It's hard to stop.  I've made many of them.

It's all machine quilted, using a wavy line on the straight seams and a straight line on the diagonals.

Using this pattern gives you an extra strip that I take apart to make a simple nine patch pillow.

I am sending along an indelible pen to fill in the blanks and also a few Dr. Seuss books.


LA Paylor said...

this will make you a.....GREAT auntie Norma! I'm also a great auntie and it's so much fun. The Dr Seuss colors are perfect. Come to Baltimore... come see me! Well I'm only 20 min from Baltimore. Come... let me entice you with quilt shops, lots of quilt shops! LEeAnna

Vivien Zepf said...


Sarah said...

Lovely fun quilt. I'm sure mum and baby will be delighted!