Friday, May 23, 2014

SAQA Auction Quilt

Nothing like cutting it close, but I did finish my auction quilt.  The "received by" date is June 1. Actually I made two because I screwed up the first one.  I was using left-overs from my big green quilt project and some new piecing.  I was quite pleased with the way it looked, but the trouble began with the quilting. My plan was to free-motion quilt up and down each one of those skinny wigglies.  I had done this very successfully when I had SW sections as part of another quilt, but I had never made a quilt using only SW's. With so many seams I had a lot of distortion, but even worse, one very narrow strip just buckled up and was unquiltable.  Actually it was a blessing in disguise.  Better to find out on a twelve inch square piece and not a 64" x 48" piece.

Fortunately I had enough leftover strips with some additional piecing to make a second one.  This time I decided to quilt it with a walking foot and make curvy, swooping lines diagonally across the quilt.  Success!  No distortion, no buckling and a nice flat piece.

Here's the finished product, SW #4, Greening Up.  I decided to call this series SW (for Skinny Wiggly) and give each one a number and name.  I had made two previous quilts using SW's, so they are #1 and #2.  The quilt will be faced, the photo is just cropped here. Can you see my swoopy quilting? I used a variegated thread, something I often do.

Here is a detail of the quilting.

I like my backs to coordinate with the front and I often use my hand dyed fabric, as I did here.

And here is the disaster.  Can you see you see how it distorted?  I decided to capitalize on that scrunched up strip and I stuffed it with fiber fill.  I'm calling this one SW #3, Snake in the Grass.  
That's the snake on the lower left. I don't know if I'll ever use it for anything.  Chalk it up to a learning experience.

By the way, my big quilt looks nothing like these two.  I'm calling that one SW #5, Big Green and it's all basted and ready to go.  Quilting starts today!

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quilted fabric art said...

I don't think the first one you did was a disaster, just not what you had in mind. I do love, love the sweepy quilting though, makes it so much more interesting. You did a great job :-)

Carmina said...

Thank you, Norma, for advice. It is really unpleasant to find, in the end, that did not work out so well as you wanted. But I think the first option is not really a disaster, but the second looks better. I'll keep your advice in mind, because I have a UFO that I avoid it still finish because of quilting...

Linda M said...

Love the wavy quilting! Snake in the grass, what a great save!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Norma. Beautiful pieces...I LUV the snake--perfect!
best, nadia

Hilary Florence said...

Hi Norma - yes, you can see your 'swoopy' quilting well and it looks good. The contrast with the gentle curves and straight lines of the piecing is great. I'm sorry about your troubles with the first piece, but I actually love the humor of the snake! Can I ask what SW stands for? I am really looking forward to seeing the big green quilt.

Vera Holmgren said...

I love the wavy quilting too, it goes very well with the stripings. Lovely backing, it's a good idea to use some dyed fabrics.

Vivien Zepf said...

Love the auction quilt and I have to agree that it was a good idea the swoopy quilting works better than the "in the SW piece" quilting. But the Snake in the grasss is a good save!