Thursday, August 2, 2012

Empty Work Table

Argh!!!  I can't stand it!  I have nothing to do! My machine is still in the shop and I can't continue the quilting on Brown Planet until I get it back.  I called today and they are backed up because of vacation schedules.  So I faced a quilt using machine #2 and did the hand finishing.  And I cleaned.  And I organized.  And I threw away. My work table hasn't looked this clean in years.  Usually I have piles of fabric on either side of the TV extending all the way to the cutting mat.

I have big floor to almost the ceiling bookshelves out of sight in this picture and they were mostly full of quarter yards of print fabrics, which I  hardly ever use anymore.  So I packed them up into big plastic under-the-bed containers and put them in the guest room (under the bed, of course).  That gave me room for my piles of hand dyes that were crowding the work table.  I can see that I have to tidy up that little shelving unit to the left of the table.  Maybe I'll tackle that next, maybe not.

I have to start something new.  There is a SAQA CT traveling exhibit coming up called Celebrating Connecticut and I think I'll get going on that.  I still have LOTS of hand-dyed greens left, so I'm contemplating Connecticut Spring.  I'm always mesmerized by the incredible lushness and multiple shades of green in that season.  OK, time to move on and get that work table messed up again.

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