Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa, Santa Everywhere!

I have been collecting Santa ornaments and other Santa decorations for years. I have put up a Santa tree for several years. It was a four foot tree that I put on a table and it was just covered with Santas. This year the little tree was showing its age so I bought a new 7 1/2 foot pre-lit tree, rearranged some furniture in my family room to put it in a different place and bought some plain red balls to add some sparkle. I am so happy with the results.

Be sure to click on the pictures for a bigger view.

There are all kinds of Santas. Many are glass.

Some are yarn or needlepoint or quilted and several are handmade.

Can you see the one with a sea shell beard? it's amazing that there can be so many variations on the same theme.

Of course there has to be a Mrs. Claus. Actually there are several Mrs. Clauses.

There are Santas on the mantle under my quilt. I made that many years ago when I did traditional quilting. I even hand quilted it with gold metallic thread.

Santas on the baker's rack, where everything else gets put away to make room for them.

Santa flower pots on the window sill over the sink.

Santa on top of the armoire that houses the TV.

A Santa quilt over the couch, also made many years ago from a pattern. It's called "I Remember Santa Claus Skating on Mistletoe Pond"

And a Santa snack bowl that I filled with pine cones and little red balls. I love the expression on his face.

There are a few more here and there. So you'd better be good at my house if you don't want coal in your stocking. Santa is always watching!

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Sue said...

Your home is exquisitely beautiful on a regular day and then you throw in the Holidays and it becomes a marvel of color and creativity. Would love to see it ! I remember those quilts very well.
Great pic of you and Claire.....and perfect for the New Years eve Gala also.
Have a wonderful Christmas !