Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Riga, Latvia

Our next city was Riga, the capital of Latvia, known for its beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, many of them by the famous architect, Mikhail Eisenstein. I had a hard time trying to select just a few from the many photos I took. I could only get a small part of each building in the photo and some of them were huge, covered with these fabulous designs.

These pictures are smaller than what I usually post, so please click on each one to see the amazing detail.

This face is so serene......

and this one is in anguish.

Toothache, maybe.....

There were two turrets on this rather plain (by comparison) building and each had a cat in a different pose.

I especially loved the big faces on the top corners of this building.

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Vivien Zepf said...

Gorgeous! There must have been a terrific restoration effort since so much of this is white, as opposed to covered in city soot.

I think I like the face columns and the cat turrets best.... but I don't know. I also like the serene face with the silly face imbedded in her headdress. I'll bet you didn't know where to look next.