Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sparkle, sparkle

I think it was over a year ago that I went to my first big bead show with friends. It was quite an experience and since I am such an impulse buyer I bought way too many beads. Most of them have been languishing away in the drawer sending out guilt vibes every time I went by, so this weekend I got some of them out and put together a necklace. It's 54" long and can be worn double or triple. It is made up of Venetian glass beads, lemon citrines, tiny gold filled round beads, some square green garnets, Swarovski crystals and lots of tiny bugle beads.
You don't see the clasp because it isn't on. My crimping skills are dismal and the last necklace I worked so hard on fell apart at the second wearing. I was so bummed out by that incident because the beads were irregular pearls that were very difficult to string. I'm going to get some help with the crimping and ending of this one so that doesn't happen again.

I went to Chico's yesterday for some pants and they had so many costume jewelery necklaces that were very pretty. They cost much less than the beads for this necklace and they were already made. Makes me wonder how much more of this I want to do.


Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

The necklace is gorgeous ~ well balanced and pretty colors. I hear you about making it though, I had the same experience at a local bead shop. It was so expensive to make and the clasp broke and the beads flew everywhere.

Sherryl said...

Gorgeous necklace... When I discovered Chico's I stopped sewing. When they are having one of their sales, it is far less expensive to buy with added coupons than to make. I can't buy the fabric for those prices.

Vivien said...

I can understand that sentiment, but you have exactly what you want. That has to be worth something. Besides, it's gorgeous!